Blender 2.49 copying the rendering context between 2 scenes

I noticed in the API documentation that there is no function setRenderingContext(), and it’s impossible to write into your_scene.render
It’s quite frustating because I need to copy the context of different scenes (in fact I render several imported files using several contexts).
Do you have any solution to bypass this problem?
For example, is it possible to do something such as:

for attribute in object1:
 object1.attribute = object2.attribute

Im afraid the only way is copying each propertie one by one since RenderData isnt iterable.
print dir(rendercontext) to know all the properties that you will need and
you can write the script as follows:

import Blender
print "----------"
scn1 = Blender.Scene.Get("Scene")
scn2 = Blender.Scene.Get("Scene.001")

context1 = scn1.getRenderingContext()
context2 = scn2.getRenderingContext()

def setContext(context1, context2):
    #write all the properties to copy
    context2.sFrame = context1.sFrame
    context2.eFrame = contex1.eFrame

setContext(context1, context2)

Thank you, I thought this topic was dead.
I’ve finally chosen an other method, instead of switching the render contexts, I switch the scenes.

please, could you tell me how to switch or sctivate a specific scene between 2 or more scene in a single .blend file ?

i tried to activate a scene based on event such as button pressing but every time i have an attribute error say : attribute error : module object has no attribute context :frowning:

so what ?