Blender 2.49a iMac Snow leopard ?

Hello, In mac forum, people say" Carful " we dont know if Blender vill run with Snow Leopard.
I am reday to upgrade from Leopard to Snow Leopard 10.6.0.
Before I doing this can you advice me. Trubble or not.

Thank you

So far works ok for me. I don’t notice any difference. I SuperDupered a copy of my Leopard install onto an external drive so I can boot to that if all goes wrong.


I upgraded my MACbook Pro with Snow Leopard. Running Blender 2.49a with no problems.

i got some UI flicker on a first generation macbook (crappy intel graphics), but it runs.

Thank you guys for reply. Next week I will upgrade to Snow Leopard.

Today I try to upgrade Blender from 2.48a to 2.49b. Dont work.

Snow Leopard is made with 64bit and also Blender 2.49b. Do you think this will be easy to handle.