Blender 2.49b extremely slow, unknown why

(mrselfdestruct) #1


I use Blender 2.49b, and it worked perfectly fine up until about a week ago. It started lagging really badly, where I’d open Blender and the Python console would even take long. Moving around the camera with just the default cube would make the program lag for about 30 seconds before returning to normality.

I run a Windows 10 laptop with ZoneAlarm antivirus (in case that will effect anything) with these specs:

Processor: Intel Pentinum CPU N3540 2.16GHz
System: x64

I removed a virus from my computer, and then reinstalled Windows twice since then, with no luck. Anybody having a similar problem, or can offer a solution?

A new computer or upgrading Blender is out of the question because I have no money right now and I use special plugins that apparently aren’t compatible with the latest version of Blender.

(modelinblender) #2

Hmm interesting your using an older version. How long have you used this copy on windows 10? Not that I ever used it. I’m using 2.76 on xp.

(mrselfdestruct) #3

I’ve used it since about July 2016 with no problems.

(Modron) #4

I’m using 2.77 on win10 and today when I opened Blender, everything was slow. Even simple commands, like tabbing the default cube into edit mode. Could be something to do with a windows update I’m thinking? All my other programs appear to be running normally.
(edit) just tried 2.76…same deal.
(update) latest build isn’t working either. I guess Blender is broken for me, for now. Arg. Noticed there’s a bug report on this, or a similar issue. Hopefully the next official update takes care of it.

(Thies Schulz-Holland) #5

Let me guess: Win 10 + notebook + nVidia GPU with Optimus drivers?
If so, you might want to do a forum search, as this has been discussed to death and is long solved (hint: update your graphics drivers).

(Modron) #6

My graphics drivers are already fully updated.

(Thies Schulz-Holland) #7

With a clean download directly from the nVidia website?
The driver that is installed via Win 10’s auto-update feature is faulty.

BTW, I was right, then: We’re talking about the infamous Optimus issue?

(Modron) #8

No, I didn’t update from Nvidia, but I will do that now.
(edit) definitely the Nvidia processor…ran it with the default processor, and no slow downs.

(mrselfdestruct) #9


I run Windows 10 and have downloaded 2.78c and it worked perfectly fine. It’s only 2.49b that works slowly. I run Intel HD Graphics.

(mrselfdestruct) #10

I run Intel HD Graphics. 2.78c works fine.

(mrselfdestruct) #11

Bump. Please, I need help with this problem as quick as possible.

(Thies Schulz-Holland) #12

If your issues started just recently, it’s you that has to find out what changed on your system.
Especially check all automatic Windows updates. Chances are a graphics driver update is to blame in your case as well. Get the latest driver for your card from the manufacturer’s website and install. See if that fixes the issue.

If not: What else may have changed on your system?
Don’t say “nothing” - something must have changed, else Blender would still be running as before.

In the long run you might have to face the fact that a piece of software from eight years ago (just guessing) like Blender 2.49b was never intended to run on modern hardware and OSs and might just stop working correctly at any time. So, either you adapt your workflow to newer versions of Blender or you keep an equally outdated machine just to use Blender on.

(XYZero) #13

Try running blender program in compatibility mode.

Try this:
right click on the blender.exe
select “properties”
select “Compatibility” tab
check the box “Run this program in compatibility mode”
under that pick a older OS to try(if that does not work try another)
click “Apply”
click “OK”

It’s the only thing I can think of. Good luck.

(mrselfdestruct) #14

So after reinstalling Windows for a third time and realized that the (like clockwork) update that followed was what was wrecking Blender, I uninstalled it by uninstalling the Security Update and everything worked perfectly again. Thanks for the help guys.

(Dexiderio) #15

I have the same problem. Blender 2.78c work very slow in my laptop wnth W10 and graphic card. However in my other laptop with W10 but no graphic card, blender runs normally.
Sorry for my english

(DanielSP) #16

read people :smiley: as mentioned here and in several other threads, its the automatic update of the nvidia-driver. use the newest from nvidia site

(Vyacheslav Bychenko) #17

Okay, so I have updated my nvidea drivers to the latest version from it’s website. The blender 2.49 still freezes. I have win10 64bit. Any other advises what can I do? nothing’s the way as it used to be…
btw, the compatibility mode is not working.