blender 2.49b video problem

below are the settings
video starts odd then corrects itself
ideas anyone?
thanks all


How is the video being produced in Blender? What’s the source artwork? Why uncompressed AVI as output?

Answers to these might help narrow down the reason for the glitch.

post the .blend and files.

videos came from pinnacle studio - their samples.
why uncompressed? did not know what to chose!
here is the blender file - only change was 450 frames instead of 900.
but the video it makes wont play at all!


MENU 10-11 B.blend (460 KB)

One of the most likely reasons for it not playing is because it’s raw (uncompressed) .avi – the file’s probably too big. Most players need to chew on encoded (compressed) video for decent playback speed without hitches. I don’t know of any common players that can playback raw avi. of any size without problems.

Try using the “AVI codec” option and choose a compressor like Xvid or H.264. The QuickTime format is another common choice, and you have a number of compressors (codecs) to choose from in that case as well.

If you’re having image quality glitches as well, it could be the source vids are not the ideal format for your use. Although players need encoded video to play efficiently, it’s not the best choice for use as source material – better to use image sequences or raw .avi for image source material.

thanks - but once again blender fails.
i started with a new file - the cube.
for 3 seconds it moves across the screen in HD on a win7 64bit .
all settings tried - NONE work correctly if at all.

You’re not providing enough info to be able to help.

What do you mean by “the cube” – just an unmoving mesh or is there some animation? What format & codec are you using to writing the vid out of Blender? Do you have that codec on your system for your video player to access? What is your video player?

There’s too many variations on such parameters to be able to guess at what you’re doing. Suffice it to say that others have made HD videos with no problems, so I doubt it’s a Blender problem.

just the grey cube that comes when you open blender.
i would like to know how others did HD with 2.49b