Blender 2.5 Bmesh editing

hey there :smiley:

i downloaded the latest 2.5 build this morning. i love the new look, and the window splitting, but i’m a bit confused as to how to make N-Gons. I’ve read (and seen in video tours) that now you can create 5+ sided faces, like pentagons and things.

Another thing is Subdivision. Again, i’ve seen in video tours that subdividing no longer creates triangles everywhere.

How do you turn these options on? this may be an easy thing to do, but i’m a bit lost with 2.5…



p.s. oh, and I want to thank all the developers for making 2.5 so AWESOME!!! even though i don’t know how half of it works yet!!! :wink: lol
seriously though, congrats to all developers, and thank you for putting so much time into the 2.5 project! :-DDD

BMesh is not included in Blender 2.5 yet.

Source available here.

oh, ok… thanks!

BTW, I noticed that your sig says this:

i am stuck with an Intel graphics-card that doesn’t support Realtime GLSL Materials :frowning: and to add to that, it’s on-board, so i can’t change it. :-(((

Just wanted to mention that you can typically still add an additional graphics card, even if you have onboard video. This is always true unless you have a laptop or your motherboard for some strange reason has no free PCI/PCIe slots.

well, i have a laptop, so there isn’t much chance of changing the graphics card.

however, i discovered the other day that Textures are displayed in Shaded Mode… i was using a cloud texture, and it showed up in the 3D viewport… it won’t display Mirror and Transparency though… :frowning:

i think i’ll have to change that signature now…