Blender 2.5 bug

I was installing blender 2.5.2 in my mac desktop computer, but the issue is that when I am working with manipulators the mouse strokes so bad with the objects. Does anyone encounters this issue too?:frowning:
I need some help to know how many people does have any issues with it or how can i fix it?

Hi Ryorta

2.52’s performance seems to vary a bit between mac models, you might need to download a few different builds of the software to see what works best.

At school where I teach we have labs of desktops (the big grey boxes) running os 10.5 which seem to really like the most recent render branch from graphicall.

All the kids have macbooks running 10.5 and the alpha 0 seems to run much better than Alpha 1 and 2 which seems to crash at random giving a red and yellow fractured screen. Subsurf seems especially dodgey on these machines.

The Imacs seem to behave pretty much the same as the macbooks, post alpha 0 builds are unstable but generally useable and run nice and fast.

My macbook pro runs the latest available render branch and it runs fast and has good stability.

I have not had any experience with 10.6 but most of the builds on graphicall for mac have been built using 10.6, i don’t know If this makes any difference, you could try getting a build from blender zoo if you have no luck with the graphicall builds.

Cheers Chris

it seems weird but all alpha softwares has the same problem with the manipulators. I own a 24" mac with the biggest memory and the biggest ram, and even updated with the snow leopard version. I am planning to upload a video so everybody can see it. But pretty much when I am selecting an object, let’s say I want to move it (grab mode). As I move the mouse (slowly), the arrow and the object switches places each other from apart distance up to a point that the object disappear offscreen. Until I found it out off the grid floor (very far distance). Crazy.

I downloaded blender 2.5 in my macbook aluminum with snow leopard, and it works perfectly fine.

I am assuming since this is Alpha Versions, probably this issue will be fix later updates. One thing I am sure is that I am not the only one who has the same problem, and I hope it gets fixed.

Try going into the User Preferences panel > System and change the draw method to one of the listed items, just go through each one, save (ctrl+u) and restart blender until you find a drew method which solves the issue.

If all of the draw methods fail to solve the issue then upload a video and file a bug report, more than likely it’ll be your video card driver, but who knows, it could be something with blender itself.

Can You provide me the steps to follow to modify the drawing method. I am barely new to blender 2.5. Because right after install it and start playing around. This is the first issue that encountered right away.

Sure (Although I’m thinking if you have an ATI card that could be the issue).

Go to File > User Preferences > System. Once you click the system tab you should see an option in the centre column labelled ‘Window Draw Method’ It’ll be set to automatic, try each option in the drop-down list and see if any of these draw methods solves the issue.

Never mind I just figure it out, and pretty much that’s what I did. And all options are happening the same thing. I would like to know what is the proper video driver for blender?

OK. It’s weird. I am checking on the system profiler of my mac to see which card I have. I can’t find any, and I use this mac for all my editing work. I remember I requested with everything on it. Does it has any other name besides ATI card?

A friend of mine helped to figure it out about my video card in my mac. This is a NVDIA GeForce 8800 GS. Can you tell me if this is a good video card or not?

I have the geoforce 8600 in my mac book pro from about 2 1/2 years ago and it runs blender like a champ, so i would assume the 8800 would be an improvement.

cheers chris

This is a very helpful thread. I have been having big issues with 2.5Alpha 2 on my MacBook Pro on OS10.5.8.
Blender tends to freeze up when manipulating armitures in Pose mode, or any time I try to undo in Weight paint or sculpt mode.
I’ll try to check out some of the latest builds. 2.49 still works wonderfully on my laptop, but I’ve fallen in love with the 2.5 interface.

can you tell me what graphic card do you have? Because I currently downloaded 2.53, and it’s doing the same problem. Definitely it has something to do with my imac because this is the third upgrade of blender being beta and supposedly most of the software is stable, but the mouse arrow is still giving problems.