Blender 2.5 Editing tools

I’ didn’t find the loop cut tools, (CTRL + R) doesn’t work.
Is it implemented or is there another way to activate it?

I believe most of the mesh editing tools are being put off till later; if B-mesh is integrated before 2.5’s release, it would be redundant to add it now and add it for B-mesh too. Ctrl-Shift-F searches available operators, by the way.

hehe, in T menu you can add Knife tool. but when you click on it you starts to cut so ;D be careful where you go around with the mouse, but it works. for now on. :slight_smile:

I also think that hey have been put off until later.

btw. @ aermartin:
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No, it have not been implemented yet. Remember that 2.5 is still wip and far from “production ready”. You just have to be patient.

hmm, why do you expect an alpha build to be complete or to have feature X?

to my knowledge, developers are still undecided about UI layout… it’s easier to try different layout designs when you have few tools to worry about…