Blender 2.5: Export in Blender 2.49

I tried Blender 2.5 and… bad idea:mad: I opened a projekt and saved it with 2.5… now I can’t open it with 2.49…
Is it possible and if, someone knows how to export the whole project or single objects to a earlier Blender format, so I can reopen it with Blender 2.49 or earlier?
Would be very pleased if someone knows about it:o

if you pm me the file i’ll try to get it working.

When saving a file in 2.5, that you made in 2.49,
you should name it as my file_25, so you don’t overwrite your original file.

most files will open/save withe warnings between 2.4x/2.5,
but not all.
If you made lots of changes to the file in Blender 2.5,
then it’s quite likely you added features that don’t exist in 2.4x, so they won’t work.

If you saved only once in 2.5, the .blend1 backup is the 2.49 copy.


ok, check your pm’s.
I uploaded the 2.49b file for you.
I hope it works.
nothing was changed.
Resaving the file in 2.5alpha0,
then opening with 2.49b worked.
let me know if it’s ok for you.