Blender 2.5 Export to FBX

I’m doing some modeling in 2.5 and was trying to export to Unity when I discovered that the FBX exporter’s throwing a fit:

FBX export starting... ...\Models\Wilden\Fox19.fbx
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "...\.blender\scripts\io\", line 3427, in execute
  File "...\.blender\scripts\io\", line 2028, in write
    ob_arms_orig_rest = [arm.rest_position for arm in]
  File "...\.blender\scripts\io\", line 2028, in <listcomp>
    ob_arms_orig_rest = [arm.rest_position for arm in]
AttributeError: 'Armature' object has no attribute 'rest_position'

Seems like I’m not setting a rest position for the bones in my armature. How would I go about doing that in 2.5?

I grabbed a newer build of 2.5 and tried the FBX exporter again, since there seemed to be a change in recent ones renaming the offending line slightly. Now I get:

RNA_string_set: EXPORT_OT_fbx.filename not found.
RNA_string_set: not found.

FBX export starting... ...\Models\Wilden\Fox19.fbx
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "...\.blender\scripts\io\", line 3428, in execute
  File "...\.blender\scripts\io\", line 2970, in write
    my_bone.blenObject.action = my_bone.blenAction
AttributeError: 'Object' object has no attribute 'action'

It would seem like my_bone.blenObject doesn’t have an .action to assign to. I’m still rather new to Python, how would I go about listing the attributes of blenObject?

In Alpha 2, the FBX exporter seems completely screwed. Sometimes it even corrupts my model in Blender. It destroys faces and does all kinds of other things. <–

I think the normals issue reported by Daaark may have been fixed in the current trunk by a later check-in. But, I still experience the issue reported by Feynt any time I add a bone to the scene using add armature.