Blender 2.5 Keeps crashing.

Whenever i try to animate (move keyframes, add keyframes, next frame, play animations, etc…) It just crashes for no reason at all. How do i fix it?

It could be your computer memory. in order for blender to really function properly, you should have at least 2gbs or more. if you do, then try re-installing it.

i have 91.58Gb remaining, it has been working before and i downloaded Blender 2.59 and it still crashes

no… not the hard drive, the memory. there is a difference. do you have windows?

No i use Mac OS X, but it still has been working before

However now that i just realize, i just got Mac OS X Lion. Could that be the cause?

it doesnt sound like it. it sounds like its either your computer or blender. try downloading blender again and if that doesn’t work, it’s probably your computers RAM (memory).

Okay it was working perfectly when i had Mac OS X Snow Leopard, and after i got Mac OS X Lion, thats when it started to crash.

I also tried getting a newer version of blender but that did not fix the problem, nor did downloading the same version again

Wow… okay, just check the RAM(memory) first. like i said, if you dont have at least 2GBS or memory, blender might crash depending on what you’re viewing. I have 2GBs and it wont load extreme things without crashing.

Ah okay i wasn’t really paying attention lol

My memory is a 4GB

WHOA! more than mine. My cousin had blender on her mac and it worked fine, but it was 2.46 or 2.49? maybe you need to downgrade your blender.

Blender won’t play my game below 2.5

Wowza. dang… i dont know what else to do except add more memory to the computer, or get a windows pc. :confused:

or maybe that mac computer just wont accept it. i know people who have macs and they use 2.5 and it works fine.

Im pretty sure the problem is the Lion system update because it was working fine before i got Lion
So i guess the only solution is to wait for a Blender update

yeah… maybe so… i’m sorry i really wish i could have helped.

You think maybe you could upgrade blender? to like 2.58?

i already tried to upgrade to 2.59 but it also did not work. Well at least u helped me to look for my RAM Memory lol

Lol. I’m sorry and you’re welcome. I hope you figure it out.

I have never used Blender in mac - but if it’s like windows, you may keep an eye on the console window. Keep it side by side with your main blender window and see if there are any messages coming up.
Also, I would consider a clean Python install? Followed by yet a reinstall of Blender (I see you tried).
Python can’t hurt.


Lately I had a lot of crashes when animating. Mostly when working in the dopesheet or action editor, like playing (shift+A). So far haven’t been able to reproduce it when i want to. It has to be bug. Will check later if someone was able to report it properly