Blender 2.5 OSX fullscreen not working!

I downloaded the latest osx build from graphicall and when I try to go fullscreen pressing the button on the top menubar the screen goes white and blender hangs. Anyone having this problem?

BTW I’m on Snow Leopard 10.6.2 if that matters…

There’s like 500 pages on that thread…Is it a known problem? Is the first time I’m using blender on OSX.

it’s working fine here for me (on a build a couple days old)

Is it just one build or any ? If it’s just one then just get a different revision and maybe add a comment to the build you have the problem. I’ve had no problems like that.

I tried 3 builds and the same thing…

I think it might be something with my computer becuase 2 days ago with another build it didn’t happen…

I found a solution, its not the perfect solution but it works. If I go into fullscreen mode the screen becomes white, but if I enter expose and go back blender becomes responsive again. Same thing if I want to leave fullscreen mode. Weird but works…

All builds get “Full screen” automatically since ever… Or at least as long as i remember it. Maybe i turned on something in the default settings?
Only with earlier builds, i experienced white screen and freezing when pulling the main Blender window corner to fill the last 5mm at the right of the screen.
Could you have a GC issue?
I have a very old (built in original) NVidia 7300 GT with 256 ram… it yet works.

try diffrent draw methods, mine flashes white, but it goes into fullscreen and works. and has always done that. also on osx 10.6 using latest builds from