blender 2.5 particle animation

Hi everybody,

Did any body know how to control particles in blender 2.5 graphic editor.Please i stuck on this ,i cant insert key frames for the particles plus i can not find particle properties on the graph editor.


What do you want to keyframe ?

i am making a particle explosion like a fire work ,but i want my particles to to fade up at last slowly and also decrease their transparency. so i want to make this on graphic editor .

To add a keyframe press ā€˜Iā€™ while your mouse is over an interface parameter of right click on a parameter and select Add Keyframe. This means you can keyframe almost anything in the interface. This parameter will then show up in the graph editor. To change the particles you can keyframe the transparency value of their material.

This was what i miss , thank you very much !!!
hope you will help me also in the future.