Blender 2.5 questions.

First of all and very important;
I heard that they were updating the python API for the GE, if so, where do I find the updated information? I have looked on for it but no luck, mabe I missed it?
Is it stable yet? They said 2.53 is the beta release, and as 2.49b is also a beta release, I just wondered :confused:.

Can you open a 2.5 .blend from a 2.49? I wouldn’t imagine so, but didn’t think it could hurt to ask.

How many people are using 2.5 yet? I don’t want to post work that no one can view. That would make it difficult to have help solving problems.

I would like to start using 2.5’s new features as soon as possible:eyebrowlift:, but didn’t want the trouble of having to try and load it between 2.49 and 2.53 alll the time!

As always, Thank you in advance!

3rd & 4th questions - yeh, myself has 2.49 and 2.5 alpha… 2.5 can open any blend files. but there problem - 2.49 mouselook cannot load in 2.5! u will need updated pyton for it… bah. but this forums has been help me to solved this. so there somebody has 2.5 then! hah.

Blender 2.53 python api