Blender 2.5 render background video?

Ok I’m rendering a model over a video. I tried to use chroma key. And it turned out ok except the shadow disappeared. So I searched around a little and found a tutorial on how to use the background image/video you import from the n panel in blender 2.5. And use it in the world setting for the sky. My video doesn’t move so it should work I think. It’s just that I can’t find this option in blender 2.5’s world settings to give a texture to a sky.

Does it exist yet?

you can do it with composite nodes, it would look about like this:

(using alpha to mix)

Ok thanks, question. I got a 720x576 resolution video file. How would I match that video to the camera and the rendering settings?

Right now these are the settings in the blender 2.5 rendering menu.

x: 1920
y: 1080
Percentage scale for render resolution: 25%

If I lower the render resolution to the videos 720x576. I get a really pixelated dino. And pixelated video too for some reason. Also I get a outline of green that follows the edge of the dinosaur and it’s shadow. It looks really bad!

Any suggestions on what to do? I would like to render the dino in the biggest resolution it can be. Then place it into the video that is not so high res.

This is how pixelated it gets, if you want to take a look at the blend let me now. Also another problem I got, as you can see in the render, the dino is slightly above the ground. I need to edit the animation of the empty that positions the armature and the spot light so it comes lower to the ground. The problem is I don’t know how to do this in the graph editor. I don’t understand where to select what actions/ipos I want to edit. I have very limited understanding of the graph editor. Make a bunch of aniamtions for the different objects, but where to edit them? When I open it now, I get the animation I did for his jaw or roar that he does when he gest closer to the camera. But how to edit the empty animation?

EDIT: Nvm you edit the animation in the dope sheet, not the graph editor. Ok but still what about the render settings? Should I upload the blend file?
I’m getting a weird black border when I render as well. Don’t know where that came from? O.o

Also another question, how would I make the shadow darker so you see it much easier. And how to remove the green?

instead of using nodes, use nodes only to adjust the colour curves or to added clare or defocus, and have shadeless plane that is parented to the camera as the BG, and have a plane for the ground that is not shadeless, but has emit value so it matches the BG. make both planes have the same texture. TAADAA!


Yeah but this is a video not a image…and I’m still not sure how to get rid of the green borders. Or fix the resolution of the rendered animation. It gets all pixelated, I’m actually getting a bit stressed. The deadlines on friday, and I need to get this video clip exported:spin: Thanks for the comment 3d RyLeY, appreciate it. Anyone else who got any idea how to fix these problems?

you can do the EXACT same thing with a vid…if the camera shakes around just use Voodoo cam tracker (maker sure u don’t the bad version) to track the camera and then save that as .py script so it can automaticy animate ur camera for you in 3d.
in the texture properties that you set when you put the image on the plane, all you do is click ‘auto refresh’ and set the frame range (start and end of the movie) and thats how a VIDEO WOULD WORK!! TAADAAA!!! YAAAYYY!!! (i didn’t make this)

Oh really, so did I get this right.

  1. Import the video file.
  2. Make a plane that covers the entire camera viewport.
  3. Put the video texture onto the plane.
  4. Go into the texture settings, and check the refresh button.

And have a plane for the ground that is not shadeless, but has emit value so it matches the BG. make both planes have the same texture. TAADAA!

  1. Make a new plane that follows the horizon in the background image.
  2. I don’t really understand this, should I make the plane following the horizon hve transparency 100% and just show shadow from the spot light. I don’t understand what you mean with emit value…

And are you sure all this exists in blender 2.5?

Sorry for bumping, I did what you said and it worked. A few problems though, whenever I render a frame you see it like in the image below. but when all the black squares dissapear it turns black and appears as black in the tmp folder as well. In other words when I render I get darkness.

Since the video is low res, only 720x576 how can I make the dino match the rest of the video. Maybe some blur filter on the dino only? How would you do that? Because when I do anything on the render in the compositor the entire frame gets blurred. If I only would like to edit the blurness of the dino. How would I do that?

Thanks for your help so far!:rolleyes: