Blender 2.5 Smoke as clouds tests

I was thinking that the smoke Sim could be used at slow speeds to Sim clouds and cloud systems. video as soon as it finishes rendering.


Amar Ashworth uploaded this video to

Looks good as stills tho’ I’m not sure about the way that the smoke/cloud develops. Timelapse of cumulous clouds similar to yours seem to agregate together from the bottom errupting up. or if a less dense cloud, they seem to coallecse from the are around it. But the colour and shape look great as stills, maybe a flythrough would look nice?

Very poor choice of colors, I can barely see anything.

What build are you using?

i like it. it looks realistic.

I’m using the most recent graphical build for windows don’t remember the exact rev. number.

I am going to try today to get the cloud formation to look better, I’m thinking of trying 3 sphere smoke emiters with different heat settings(-0.1,0.1,.1) to get them to boil. Using smoke to make clouds will probably never be exacly real looking but it fakes clouds much better than previous workarounds I have tryed.

This is the same sim Rolling in tword the camera.

Amar Ashworth uploaded this video to

Going to try make a quality night smoke cloud still today.

If you can’t see the clouds your colors are off.

what he said

Issues with the night sim…

In the meantime.

The file I made for this test.