Blender 2.5 SVN What i dislike


Sorry but i have to say that concerning the View properties and Toolbar this is insane having the work space cutted like that by a vertical bar just to access the properties and tools.


The floating panel option hasn’t been coded yet, from what I’ve heard, it is coming.

I hope so because if not that would be nearly step back.

I hope so :eyebrowlift:

can’t they do a option in the settings ? attach or floating.

a floating , darkblack transparent with the big 2.5 button, drooool

I think it’s a step forward, it’s nice to have everything in one place instead of scattered all over the view in “floating” windows (being totally against the Blender way of doing things).

Anyway, IIRC there’s already an option for making windows float (there was something in the svn commit messages last week), but I haven’t found the option for it yet. Perhaps it’s not fully functional yet.

i liked it myself, but i prefer it be horizontal than vertical, it would look less cluttered

I am actually to my surprise not that happy about the new interface.
In many areas it is a significant improvement but it feels to me that the button system is more complicated than before or more screen space using.

I am not sure if that is just me or a 2.4 to 2.5 new interface switch issue.

I watched some of the 2.5 tour movies and some mentioned restructures like bringing the polygon selection for individual materials also into the material tap makes so much sense.

I just found myself having a hard time finding buttons / functions so fast or navigating to them as fast as in 2.4.

I suspect a lot of that is just being used to 2.4x.
2.4x is pretty badly organized, but after using it for so long I (and I assume you) have unconsciously memorized where a lot of stuff is.

But I agree that buttons in 2.5–as it is right now–still look cluttered and are still difficult to visually scan. Hopefully this will continue to improve as 2.5 is developed.

I totally agree with you
it seems the buttons and functions that were cleverly gathered around themes and easily accessible are now scattered and spread without sense and take unnecessarily a lot of place.:no:

Fortunately we can still gather the panels :slight_smile:
even if for the moment they are not outlined and only visible when you move them.


That’s funny because I’ve been using 2.5 for a while and I can honestly tell you I can’t navigate through 2.4 anymore. The application is extremely confusing now where before I was just used to it. I’ve gotten really attached to 2.5’s interface. The buttons windows makes way more sense to me, even though they have been loosing me a little as they add more clutter to the interface. The materials window is still as wonky as ever but still better than 2.4 IMO.

I was trying to use 2.49 yesterday after months of not using 2.4 (as I have been tinkering with 2.5) and yesterday I tried to model an engine and got totally lost in 2.4. I get hitting the T button and kept getting lost when i tried to add the subd modifier because I couldn’t find the panel, while in 2.5 because of the way the buttons are organized its fairly easy to find.

I want the horizontal interface back :<

:(((((( sad

Don’t criticize to much yet. 2.5 is still in the pre-alpha stages, there is tons of stuff that’s missing, unfinished, and buggy. And many of the ‘changes’ that are in place in the SVN’s are liable to change before the release.

It’s already there. It’s just not the default setup anymore. You’ll still be able to set it up yourself if you prefer it.

I think they mean a horizontal tool panel :slight_smile:

Of course you CAN
but it is actually designed to force the users to put it Vertically
as you can see in the picture below, the context takes just a little place when the button window is vertical.

whereas horizontally it takes the place of a panel without nothing to do :spin:
except merging it with another panel if it is possible ?

I hope this will be corrected to offer a REAL choice to the user :smiley:

THE 2.50 version is still not released :confused:
how have you been able to work with it for a while ? :confused:

Just to remind them not to forget the
“Horizontophile” users :wink: