Blender 2.5 Tool Dictionary

Blender 2.5 tool dictionary.

You can find Blender tools and Python info in this document.

This document is in pdf format now.


Click Here for the Tool Dictionary

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Your link is down , no chm file .

I changed the document and link. It’s in pdf format now. It’s a kind of 3D dictionary.

Here is the new document.


thanks for sharing guys

I love PDF format! Dual thanks for the tool dictionary and putting it in the PDF format.

Will the information in this tool dictionary be accurate when the 2.6 Blender version is released?

Yes, it will. I hope I’ll always update this dictionary.

Btw, you can find useful pdf documents in my blog.


I’ve been there before. It turns out, I bookmarked your blog, too.
Thanks a lot for your contributions. Without you and the others that help to further enlighten us people like me would still be fumbling around the buttons menus and staring at the default cube (Those of us that don’t give up easily.)

I noticed that there is no bevel in 2.5. Quite a setback for me. In 2.4 I could just hit w and bevel as quick as that but I can’t in 2.5.

Thanks for the dictionary!

Clavin12: Bevel is a modifier in 2.5.

Both links are down now.