blender 2.5 tour #9 part 4 : simulation

here is part 4 of tour #9 : simulations

hope you all enjoy it:o

Awesome another tour, your connection must be melting with all the views of it.

Is there any chance someone could Vimeo all these?

That would be really appreciated.

mfoxdogg that was awesome (apart from crashiness). These little road maps make for a great head start with 2.5. I love the way you relate the improvements over previous versions, just so we know where the tool has developed from. If you have time I would really appreciate more, if not thanks anyway.

i agree. the videos really make for a great head start with 2.5.

i am looking forward to the video about python scripting…

there are couple if you check the past episodes. #6 and #8… maybe there was more…


It looks like Blender 2.5 is hard even for the developers…

why is gravity a global setting now? i could imagine some cases where realism isn’t necessary and you would want to run simulations with different gravities.

It’s just default global - you can can change the global gravity settings or make gravity apply to different objects differently.

I can imagine it has been their biggest challenge yet.

Blender has never had so many bugs, faults, crashes and incompatibility - ever, and
I’ve followed it quite a while (just look at when I joined this forum :wink: )

The 2.5 project is completely daunting, there are so many things they have to
account for that to me - it’s incredible that it even can be done Open Source across
the borders.

I’ll not be surprised that it doesn’t stabilize before a year time from now, so you guys
might as well be prepared to use 2.49 for a LONG time to come, yet. And keep
playing with 2.5 as a “fun to use” project, and bug-report as much as you can.

Blender Fluids being comparable to RealFlow?

I am not sure if I can agree with that statement.

I also think gravity should be local to each particle system… strange making it global… what happens when you have 2 different particle systems? Can you make each one have their own gravity?