Blender 2.5 Transparent Image?

Im using Blender 2.5 Beta, and I understand that in the release they added the ability to make a uv image transparent. The only problem is I dont know how to enable it! All i have is a simple PLAY button, I only want u to be able to see the text of it not the text and the button itself. Oh and incase your wondering yes the image is a .png.

Can somone please help?
Thanks :eyebrowlift:

if you already loaded the texture and have the texture working, then go into materials, then scroll down until you find the sub-menu “transparency” (note that it might already be opened up) there also should be a square next to where it says “transparency” click on it to turn it on… if all goes well it should then work.

I checked the transparency box but it didnt work it just shows the plane’s material

Are you using Blender Materials or GLSL? In GLSL, I believe you have to set the texture to map to alpha and color and check the “use alpha” button.