Blender 2.5 tutorials?

I Just started learning about blender today, I saw that this site had some tutorials, but their updating them for the new version. I was wondering if anyone knew when they would be done updating them? has many tutorials that use blender 2.5, including a number on getting started with blender.

Create a Realistic Kitchen - Part 1 & 2

Check this reference as well, very complete:

I`m about to post a new tutorial in my site:
This is the final result:

BlenderCookie has the best I ever saw for Blender!
BlenderGuru running close.

Wow, these are all some great links, my problem is I have a terrible connection, so video’s are pretty much out of the question, especially high def ones :frowning: are there any 2.5 non video turoeials out there? I’ve been searching around but I’m not having much luck.