Blender 2.53 beta Tutorials

I’ve recently started using Blender again. (got married had a kid and all that)
I downloaded the 2.53 beta, and started it up and realized everything has changed. Simple operations like adding an object or rendering I cannot seem to find.

I’ve managed to figure out how to arrange/add/delete windows and such but other than that I seem to be screwed.

For example I found what looks to be the render panel but buttons are missing like the render button.

I can still hit f11, and it renders but I’ve not a clue anymore.

I can hit the space bar, and it brings up a search and I can search for add a cube, but that seems very slow.

So does any one know of any basic transitional tutorials that will help me get used to the new UI?

It feels like it’s 1998 and I’m learning to use blender all over again now.

Thank you.

I’ve noticed that when in edit mode and I’m trying to move vertices around, I have to use the right mouse button to move a vert.
In the past I selected with the right and left clicked and dragged to move a vert. Is there an option to change this back?

I’m struggling with the Apply scale and rotation function in 2.53 (Alpha)

In what way. It is Ctrl+A in object mode, select scale, repeat and select rotation

I’ve tried that with no success. When I did that, the object scale and rotation did not follow my curve as it used to in 2.49b.
I followed the Model and texture a low poly race track tutorial.

I think you are looking for the buttons in the image below.


Link to the tutorial, what stage can’t you do and attach your blend file (or post to a host site) so we can see what’s going on.
Without that we’re trying to help you blind an I cannot help you

No, not the manipulation buttons.
The "Apply Scale and Rotation " when I used to press Ctrl+A I nused to get an option saying "Apply Scale and Rotation ".