Blender 2.53 themes

Post all the themes you make for Blender 2.53 and up in this thread. I’ll start with a BlackPhanter theme.:wink:


well, for now I don’t think there are many, but you could change it/make one your self,
quick googling brought up this tutorial:

cheers. :slight_smile:

It’s really easy, albeit a little time consuming, to design a new theme/ colour scheme. work one window type at a time and it isn’t so bad, ctrl+C copys a colour and ctrl+V pastes it, this is a handy way to quickly develop different themes for various items, such as buttons, or numerical inputs.

Ok I played around with it and made a Black Phanter theme.
Here is the theme if anyone is interested:

Blender is neutral gray, like most good art packages. It helps you to properly see what you are working on.

they nailed it on the default theme! can’t be better.

perhaps you should edit the first post with this and edit the thread name,
so other people could find and add their own themes in the future. :slight_smile:

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I think the grid contrast could use some work. I think it can be very hard to see sometimes.

But other than that in an art package, neutral gray is the way to go. Almost every package has moved to a similar color scheme.

I don’t understand why it has to be gray. Why not neutral green, or neutral blue. It looks so boring and in my opinion ugly. Sure it’s easy to see where everything is.

But it looks boring, and working with something that looks boring to the eyes is boring…that is why the early windows 95 theme has evolved into the nice looking windows 7 theme today.

The best way to judge colors on a computer screen is against a neutral mid grey background. Anything else will just ‘color’ your judgement.

There is no “neutral green” or “neutral blue”. Neutral means: no color.

If you look a long time on a red element, and change your view to a white wall, than you can see the element in green on the wall. (visual illusion)
You don’t have such effect with neutral grey elements.

I made a googleish theme which was quite nice, white/light grey, black text and colorful (but not too much saturation) checkboxes/bars/menus. I was easy to spot which options where on/off at a glance. Sadly I lost it and haven’t got around to recreate it because the default one works so good.

Did you know that colors can bring forth emotions in people. Like if you put a red cloth in front of a bull he gets angry?

What would be the best place to make a beautiful painting? Down in a gray “neutral” garage. Or out in the middle of the woods a sunny beautiful day? Of course that depends on what you are making, maybe that is why we see so many monsters and nasty orcs being made in Blender.

I think a more colorful theme would be better for the artist. As long as the colors aren’t too strong or has got too much contrast. So it doesn’t tire out the eyes. Sim could you please remake that theme, I would be interested in trying it out. :smiley:

Your artwork should bring emotions in people, not the tools in the artist. :wink:
Which color painting would look more realistic, one painted under white light conditions, or one painted in a room only lit by red lights?

Just to nitpick a little: bulls are color blind and don’t get angry beacause of the color of the cloth.
As for the color thing: Colors in user interfaces should be always used carefully the interface is not the art that you want to create, color should be used to (for example) group and distinguish elements from each other (a nice example is the color change on animated values in blender).
So far blender does a good job of using colors but there is always room for improvement.

The gray garage and the forest is an apple and oranges argument. Painting involves paint, and the canvas is the entirety of the interface. It doesn’t include the forest. Paint colors are subtractive and have different properties.

Computer colors are light, and they are additive. They don’t reflect light like paint, they ARE light. The screen is the interface (whether you are in a garage, or a forest, makes no difference), and the neutral gray interface is needed to not interfere with your color, brightness, and contrast perception of what you are working on.

Even people doing professional video encoding work need to be in a certain environment, with certain lighting conditions to keep their color perception from being interfered with.

dark blue theme, green is for on/active, red is for off/inactive. Theme & Materials Library
Also included is my Materials Library or you can get that here: Meta’s Materials

Hi, i thought this is a thread with themes and not about it.
Thank you for the second one, Meta-Androcto. :smiley:
I don’t like it so much but this is something completely different.

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I must be blind but I can’t find the download link to that theme O.o

Another theme if any one is interested

Screen cap

A&D are the same color, B&C are the same color, but they look very different on different backgrounds. It doesn’t have to do with colors reflecting light, it has to do with the mind fooling itself when it does the white balance. But colorcoding the UI can be very helpful at times. And you can always switch to neutral one later on.