Blender 2.57.1 Loop cut and slide 1/2 a cylinder ?

Blender 2.57.1

Can we select certain polygones say 1/2 the polygones in a cylinder so Loop cut and slide does not leave a loop on all the polygones ?

Truespace 5 has a draw tool so u can loop one polygone at a time.

Lightwave 7 you could not only loop 1/2 a cylinder.
You would half to delet the polygones where u wanted the loop to end.

C4D 9 will only leave a loop on the polygones seleted.

Still trying to grasp the concept of Blender 2.57.1

Remember in blender faces can only have 3 or 4 vertices
You can select multiple edges and subdivide (W / subdivide) and select the number of cuts
You can slide selected edges with Ctrl+E
The tools other software have is of no relevance, the thing you need to know is what tools blender has and what they do.
Ctrl+E = edge tools
Ctrl+V = vertex tools
Ctrl+F = face tools
W = specials menu