blender 2.57 and RAM

Hi all:

I’m having a problem with Blender 2.57 and the RAM in my computer. I dont know if it is a Blender problem or it is mine.

I’m using Ubuntu 11.04 (but it happened also with the 10.10 version). When I open Blender 2.57 the RAM rises about 1.4Gb. The same operation with Blender 2.56 does not rise the RAM more than 2 o 3 hundred Mb.

Has anyone detected the same or similar problem?

Thanks in advance

You may have changed something as your default startup file. Try resetting back to the factory setting (File / Load Factory Settings) then saving this as the default startup (Ctrl+U), then reopening.

You must be a kind of magician… that was exactly what happened… I discovered it an hour ago and felt a bit embarrased for the post…

Thank you very much!!!