Blender 2.57 Export UV Layout?

I’ve been looking at my UV Editor for a while now and I can’t seem to find the new place they hid the old “Export UV Layout” command. In 2.56 it was under “UV > Export UV Layout” but the new “UV” menu doesn’t seem to have this option.

Does anyone know where it went/what you have to do to export some UVs? I’ve been searching all over the place unsuccessfully so I just went back to 2.56 to export them but would like to figure it out for the future.

If the addon (UV export) is turned on in user prefs you should see it where you were looking for it at the top of the UV menu.

Thanks very much. I feel like that should be checked by default since it seems like an integral part of an 3D program, but now that I know where it is it’s no big deal.

I’ve bee having the same problem. Stoked to finally have that back on.

I’m glad I’m not the only one that needed to find this thread…I felt like such an idiot. facepalm

Hey thanks same thing here!

Same here. Thanks for asking the question, helped me out :slight_smile: