Blender 2.57 RC2 - Mirror Shape Keys mixes up vertices?

Hey all,

First I didn’t want to post about it, however I changed my mind because I want to know if anybody else also experienced this (and if it is already logged).

I do have a character for which I’m creating shapekey and just found out how you can mirror a shapekey (= the little arrow below + and - in the shapekey panel)
Howevery, when I do so, the vertices get mirrored in a bad way… like some verts get adjusted at the other side and some get mirrored but not at 1.00 but at 0.700 or so… if oyu know what I mean.

This way I end up correcting the mirror shapekey or do it manual which is tedious. So I was hoping anybody knows more information or is experiencing this too?


i am using a newer build and i also have problesm with mirror shape key. anyone else also has it?

Hello, I got here with the same problem, but after some trail and error I figured that the mesh was not completely symmetrical. So, when the shapekey gets mirrored those differences in the mesh get visible… What I did is, I erased one half of the model and then apply mirror modifier again, because the mirror modifier is so great as to mirror the vertex groups, I didn’t even have to do skinning a second time.

So I guess that the trick here is to make absolutely sure that your mesh is completely symmetrical xD!

Hope it helps!

Keep blending!

After a few hours of hair pulling I found your post, tyvm, I follow your advice and re mirror the object. :evilgrin: