Blender 2.58 Style

Hi guys. After a long break from blendering, I downloaded the latest release, 2.58 and started playing around with it; and realised I have no idea as to what’s going on! Although the new style looks pretty good, I’m used to the old style (2.49). Is there a way to make the new blender, look like the old one?

You can make the properties window horizontal but it won’t work properly. Just take 30 mins and you’ll easily get used to it. Its not difficult at all for any reasonable person.

Just google ‘where did that button go blender guru’ and you’ll find a helpful basic intro. Sorry cant link u coz im on my mob. The best way of learning 2.5 UI is just start using it, dump ur 2.49 unless for some missing script,etc. And soon you’ll find UI is really is far much better & well organised than 2.49. (I can tell you this from my own personal experience)
Best of luck & happy blending :slight_smile:

There are also a few visual themes out that can get closer to the lighter ui colours of the default 2.49 setup. All the shaded ui elements and text anti aliasing can be turned off as well as a few other little bits here and there, but it cant be replicated entirely if that is what you are after. Horizontal panel layouts for example.

I initially was totally disorientated with the new interface but after a day I started to like it,
In the end it’s far more efficient.