Blender 2.58a UV Editor Issues


I submitted it as a bug and it was fixed in the SVN.

Look here:

Hello all this is my first time posting here.

I have been using blender professionally for a year now.

Most issues I was able to find a solution with a quick Google search.

But this problem baffles me a bit.

When I unwrap a model it works as expected and it tries to unwrap the best it can which usually gives good results. But when I go in to refine the UVs a bit and select an individual face and press ‘e’ to unwrap just that face, it still unwraps the whole thing. Messing up any tweaks I have done to the UV.

This never happened in any previous versions.

Im using OSX 10.6.8

blender 2.58a from the site (Tried a build with the same result)

Thanks for any help or advice on how to fix this issue.

I’m currently using 2.57 for unwrapping. I would like to know if anyone has had this same problem and should I report it as a bug?