Blender 2.60a - Record Animation Problem

I like setting up rigid body simulations, adding controls for real time manipulation in the game engine, and baking out the interpolation curves using the “record animation” feature (previous record to ipo).

The problem is that when I use the record function, the real-time playback is super fast (way faster than just engaging the game engine without recording). So fast I can barely enter my user input. How do I slow down, or control the frame rate of the record animation processes? I’ve tried changing the obvious FPS settings, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.


I think this problem maybe specific to Mac OSX. Blender 2.49b is so far the only version that works for me. The newer versions seem to work fine on my Windows box at home.

In blender 2.59 and up, on Mac OSX, the game engine runs at 120-300fps when recording. After two or three simulations the data gets messed up, and the last frame of the sim becomes the first frame of the recording, or the models just disappear.

yea i’ve had that problem on mac to