Blender 2.62.3 latest build. DXF importer broken?

I need to make some precise architectural work and trying to import some models as DXF into the latest build of Blender but I’m getting only errors. DXF importer script is broken? Know somebody how to fix this?

Use the official version of 2.62. You can then open this blend file in the latest build if needed.

Also, please use the correct forums for support questions.

The DXF importer only supports a partial subset of DXF features.

Fully supported, partially supported, & un-supported features are listed here:

You’ll need to explode all blocks, 3DSOLIDS, etc. & un-group all groups. Some polyline data (thickness, width, splines will be converted to edge segments, etc)

I will try to fix it before official release. Be patient please.
In the meantime use 2.62 for imports.