Blender 2.62 Crashing on XP

Hallo, is anyone else experiencing crashes of Blender 2.62 on windows XP 32bits?
Tried even some newest builds form graphical org, but it crashes still… i remember hen I downloaded it first, i opended it just fine…but ever since with no luck…

I generally use mac OSX, but I also have 1) a windows partition on my mac machine and 2) another pc laptop. Funny enough, I do find that newer versions of blender crash indecently (to the point beyond use) on the pc laptop version; on my mac machine running windows, the program works fine. That makes me wonder if somehow or another the development of blender has inadvertently depreciated support for different graphics cards, and hence wouldn’t work as stable on older or less 3D-graphic-oriented cards. This is only my uneducated guess, I haven’t messed around with it on my pc laptop since I never explicitly needed blender to work on it.

I hope you figure it out!

maybe! though I dont think its that old computer (at the office) could be like 2006, I guess…the strange thing is that it ran once ok and not anymore…

my graphic card is NVIDIA Quadro FX 1400,
Microsoft Windows XP pro Service PAck 3
Pentiun 4CPU 3.00Hgz
2,00GB RAM
still did not figure it out…:frowning:

Hi, may be you get more information if you start blender from a windows command shell (cmd) with blender.exe -d.
Post results >

Cheers, mib.

hmm…ok goes like this…

would there be any ideas to cope with this?

Have you tried using the stable 2.62 release instead of a graphicall build ?
Recent graphicall build, using the most recent source code include Bmesh , that is always under work to be made compatible with all stock Blender features and so not to be considered stable at all for production.

If your crashes happen even to the 2.62 version, it could be that you have not added a config folder in your blenderdirectory\2.62\ folder everytime you downloaded a new blender build.

The problem of not adding that “config” folder is then that every build that use 2.62 will overwrite the same preference file, and some builds can put data in there that is not compatible with other builds (especially since bmesh got merged in the source code, you can be sure it is creating conflict with preferences of 2.62 that existed before Bmesh merging)

Possible solution : download the stable 2.62 release. Locate in
C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\Application Data\Blender Foundation\Blender
the 2.62 folder , and delete that folder.

Install stable 2.62 Blender and launch it, setup your preferences and File -> Save User Settings.

Now for every new graphicall or buildbot Blender build you will download, you will have to go into the 2.62 folder of that specific downloaded build and add a new folder named exactly :

So those new builds own preferences will be saved into that “config” folder, they will not overwrite anymore the default ones in your application data, creating conflict and incompatibility.

The lack of “config” folder in every custom build uploaded for the public has always been responsible of many people crashing and sending bug reports that were then not reproducable by the devs. Should always be included in a build someone upload for the public, or at least a warning on the graphicall page that the user downloading custom build should add this “config” folder himself to avoid incompatibilities and so crashes with stable versions.

Permission, virus, running 64 bit build on 32 bit machine…?

Blender works fine for me on XP64.

@Sanctuary: of course I have tried stable builds, but now, wow, that is really great explenation!!! Not only It works like charm now, I even understand why!
Only to recapitulate: Blender first seraches configs in its own directory only then goes to AppData one!?
Strange thing is that it crashes even when there is only an empty directory called scripts (for 2.61 I tried),I mean that it is not treated the way:“if it is not there I create it if necessary, untill then I will go with the default”…It has to be exactly it was when someone saved it together with a file…anyways makes much more sence to me then before, thanx a lot again!