Blender 2.63 (Windows 7/ 64bit) crashing when closing?

Anyone else getting that annoying Win7 message about the program not working after Blender 2.63 closes? Perhaps just my machine. Doesn’t happen when I close any other program though and I’ve tried re installing it several times. Functionally no big deal just kind of a pain in the ass.

Same OS and Blender here, and it doesn’t happen.
Maybe you have some old Blender files from previous installs corrupting something ? Do you get to read something useful in the console ?

Same OS and Blender version for me, too, and no problem.


Check your nVidia drivers (I’m assuming you’re using an nVidia card). Make sure you have the latest; it makes a difference for whatever reason.

Yeah looks like I’m getting the same message when closing out PS as well. Definitely just something going on with my machine. And no Nvidia, Radeon but I did update the drivers a little while ago, probably something to do with that. Thanks for the replies.

Are you overclocking?

Ok, it was just Catalyst Control Center being ridiculous. Replaced it with a more bare bones driver for my Graphics Card which subsequently has increased performance over my whole machine. Thanks for everyone’s replies.

Glad you got to the bottom of it, Spiral King. It’s amazing how often it’s video drivers.

A number in direct relation to the Nvidia/AMD marketshares…? ;D

For comments like these, I miss Facebook’s ‘Like’ button. How about a smiley instead: :smiley:

Mmm, do stuff long enough and some things just becomes clear… :smiley:

The sad part is, it’s not the hardware, they just don’t know how to write drivers… Seeing the path Nvidia is taking, capping performance on the consumer cards, I just hope so much that AMD will get their sh*t together, though I doubt they will… :frowning: