Blender 2.64 crashes when the notebook is connected to an external monitor.

Please help.

I am running blender 2.64 off a toshiba satellite A75 and there are absolutely no problems. However when the notebook is connected to an Acer external monitor, occassionally blender crashes. All other softwares are working fine with the external monitor except (Blender 2.64). The crash takes place ocasionally during the initial launch of Blender 2.64. During such instances the Acer screen turns blank with a floating message that reads No Input Device. Thereafter the system stops responding.

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.
– blender2013

It sounds like your graphics chip can’t handle the new blender. My suggestion would be to move back to an older version or get a new laptop to handle the current version.

Thanks. It is an interesting suggestion. Should the underlying problem overwhelm my blending efforts I shall seriously consider moving back to an older version.