Blender 2.65 VSE : effect on multiple strips possible ?

Using 2.65 on linux Mint.
I import 10 images in the video editor. On 4 of them I want to apply a transformation to scale the pictures to portrait and on 6 of them a tranformation to scale to landscape. (pictures are 3:2 or 2:3 size by origin : render dimension is 1920:1080).
Is it possible to select the 4 portrait pictures and apply the same transform effect in 1 operation ?
Or should I batch resize the pictures with other programs (for instance imagemagick) before using them in the VSE ?


I would say, resize them in another program first, but it is possible in Blender, at least with a bit of a workaround.
Place all images you want to have the same effect on next to eachother, make them all for example 5 seconds long, if you plan on using them as still images. Add an Adjustment layer over all these images, make sure the start and end frame of this layer is the same as the start frame of your first image and the end frame of your last image. Then with this adjustment layer selected, perform the necessary scaling. You should see this scale now applies to all images that the Adjustment layer covers. Now, select all your images and the Adjustment layer, and hit CTRL+G to make this into a Meta Strip. You should now have one long strip with all your images scaled correctly. You can edit this strip using the K key, so your images are separate again (or Shift+K if you want to freeze frame them longer) and can be used as usual in your edit.

Thanks for replying. What do you mean with an adjustment layer ? It is not a transform strip on the image I guess ?

When you hit shift+A, you should see “Effect Strip”. If you hover over that, you get a new menu where you can find “Adjustment Layer”. This inserts a strip that in itself is nothing, but everything you do on it, such as scaling, colour correction, etc., is applied to the layers underneath it. Makes it easy to perform one effect on several strips at once.
So you don’t touch the transform controls on the image itself, but you change it on the adjustment layer.

See this image, for example, the Adjustment Layer is affecting the image strip underneath it: