blender 2.65a with windows 8 and amd A8 problems!

Hi guys,

A black horizontal lines appear when I’m using Blender 2.65 on Windows 8 in notebookHP dv6-6190br, with AMD VISION A8. It is very strange because everything works in the same notebook with Windows 7, seems to be a proplems with AMD Driver.

I did a video showing the problem:

If someone know how to fix it, please, help me!!!

The AMD Driver as whole is a problem :smiley:

Anyways, first guess you have some anti aliasing mode enabled… disable it.

Hi arexma, when I try to open the blender user preferences, it crash!! But I found a way! When I use the shortcut ctrl alt U, I can enter in the preferences. I fixed the black lines changing the window draw mode to FULL. But still whit a bad performace… I must change something in amd driver. Someone know how to fix that amd problem with the blender window draw modes?