Blender 2.67


Release Notes:

When you first run it remember to select the ‘Copy Previous Settings’ option in the splashscreen

Praise the devs :wink:

Yeah, Thomas Dinges tweeted about it roughly an hour ago - needless to say I pounced on and downloaded my Linux 64bit copy before the servers slow to a crawl :wink: Looking forward to giving Freestyle a try!

Why isn’t it announced on Blender’s homepage?

Love the splash screen. Though there is more potential on this workaround. But it’s beautiful. This only matters.

does anybody know why blender does not transfer all the previous 2.66 settings? the buildbot build did always preserve the theme and startup files and also the 2.67 RC did.

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When you first run it remember to select the ‘Copy Previous Settings’ option in the splashscreen

@richard thx :smiley: ive just deleted the 2.67 folder, wich was created in the osx user library so i could use the “copy previous settings”-button again.

Great news indeed. Looks like pie menus didnt make it in.

2.68 perhaps?

I think Ton said that he never had the time to implement them, which is understandable as he also has to deal with coordinating development, the finances of the foundation ect…

I also don’t think he ever said that he’s going to drop pie menus from his todo list, so they could easily get into 2.68.

d’oh! sorry my fault, i’ve missed somehow that such a function exists. Is it possible to reactivate it on a second run?

However, you an always copy and paste them. Application support/blender/2.66, to appsupport /blender 2.67

thanks michalis, makes my (blender-) life a lot easier now :smiley:

Congrats devs on another one. Also I really dig the splash choice.

Thanks! For all

Awesome job once again devs!!! :smiley:

Here’s something that really shows how hard the devs have worked on fixing bugs:

Congratulations to the devs and contributors to another fantastic Blender release !

Thank you, Blender Foundation. :slight_smile:

I like much McLeluns Boss, and I am glad, that this pic is chosen as banner.

Trying Geometry Nodes. Have problems to understand how its working.

In general, editing nodes enhanced much! It feels better, more intuitive.

Now, Node Groups can be nested.
Nesting groups, thats a feature I waited for since there is a node editor.
Thank you a lot!

How do you actually enable them (geometry nodes)? Downloaded the Git archive but what then?

Just made an unscientific fast cycle-render test of the same rendering (a picture without hair or motion blur).

B 2.66 - 3min 28s
B 2.67 - 3min 09s

~10% faster :slight_smile:

I am not sure myself. I download a tar archive from there …

After extracting the tar archive, I copied the directory

to my local blend configs (ubuntu)

I dont know where the configs are in windows.

After that, the geometry nodes became visible in the blender user preferences.

I think, such tool could be used to create bone shapes automatically.
But I didnt manage to create an object (to get anything onto the 3d-screen, like a basic circle).

Found it!!!
Its in the tool shelf. Open it. There is the button “Generate”.