Blender 2.67a is available

Hello Blender users,

I just noticed that Blender 2.67a is available from the repository of releases. A number of bugs were fixed and an official announcement should be expected within a few hours. You can grab your copy following this link:

Good life and happy blending!


And as forecasted here is the official announcement:


Over 80 bugs fixed, and the buglist is STILL higher than when 2.67 was released… I think it´s time to do some serious bug triaging for the next release. Extend schedule two weeks for pure bughunting!

The problem is, by the far the best way to find bugs is to get the code in as many users hands as possible. Finding bugs by reading over your code is REALLY hard. (it’s hard enough when you know that piece of code has a specific bug). The biggest problem is not enough people use the release candidates. The RC gets released, cleaned of anything the adventurous users can find, then it’s released, and everyone else finds hordes of bugs. The result is the “a” release, and 2.**.0 release essentially serves a super-RC.

Honestly, I wonder how many people there really are who routinely use Blender RC builds, but don’t use graphicall/buildbot or compile their own. I’m guessing there aren’t that many, and the RC isn’t really that useful at all.

Thanks to the devs for their continuing efforts, the bug fix update is much appreciated by those of us who value stability over new features.

Moving forward, though, I doubt that the present system of releases can be changed under the present circumstances. Potentially things could get even worse, the devs need to proceed with caution. It’s better to stick to the present arrangements than make a mistake.

I suspect that the solution would be found in a commercial support programme. Blender remains free, open-source, but large clients such as studios pay for bug-fixing updates, which are then available to all. That’s the only way I can see Blender becoming more stable. There needs to be an injection of new discipline, the kind that only money can bring.

Two cents, from me, to you, and thank you very much! :slight_smile:

The only way i see blender being more stable,is if more small studios use blender (short films etc.) They are more likely to be using every aspect of the software daily (sculpt/model/uv/texture/rig/anim/comp/edit) and will need the software to “behave” throughout a production,thus more bugs being reported and more bugs fixed before release.

That could be one positive aspect of catering to professionals rather than hobbyist,but as long as blender remains open source,I think this will be an ongoing problem.

as a type this ,I just realised i’m more or less repeating what ray tungsteen is saying,lol.

Take note that all the bugs that are still in the bug trackers are not necessarly bugs that are found in stable 2.67 or 2.67a releases, some of them are bugs about the current 2.68 code development ( and so are bugs that are not found in the current 2.67a release).

Yeah, I think this is really the problem here. Personally, I’m always downloading builder bot releases every few days to test the new features so RC’s don’t even register on my radar. They’re already outdates by the time they’re released. I think one short term fix for this would to be to release the RC and then freeze all the commits of new features and builder bots builds while we are hammer on it. This wouldn’t stop the home builders or graphicall users but if there were no new features being added while the RC was out, it might help to detour this a bit.

The really silly thing for me was that as soon as the RC came out, a bunch of new features got added (grid fill and bridge edge loops ring a bell?) just after and I wanted to check them out. So, that right there was really not great timing.

Also, I feel like there needs to be more information about how to submit a bug and stay on top of it. Like in the splash screen, a link to the bug tracker and stuff like that. I feel like there are a lot of people who encounter bugs all the time but have no idea what to do about it. I see people posting bug reports here all the time.

In Blender click on “Help” in the top header then “Report a Bug”, it will lead directly to the bug tracker.
Then you’ll need to create an account (important no upper case letter for your user name) to be able to post new bug reports.

Exactly, You have to know it’s there. It needs to be in your face every time you open a release candidate. “This is a release candidate, Please report any bugs here:” kind of thing. :slight_smile:

Hey, BrilliantApe I just checked out your outdated tutorial. Clearest tutorial on head modeling I have ever seen. Since I started with 2.48 if memory serves me the outdated part will not bother me one bit. I have it sitting on the desktop now as a shortcut and will pursue it further tomorrow. Damn good tutorial since you obviously started assuming the audience knew jack shit about head modeling. Speaking of graphic cards I have a inexpensive GeForce GT 530 (Made for HP) with 2GB’s and it does everything I need. But, then I never play games. Consider making more tutorials.

As a mac user, this beta contains openMP support for OSX.
I was able to sculpt in multires mode based on a ~20k cage! Smooth performance (similar to zbrush) at 6.5 M, Still workable at 25M though not needed. What an improvement. Thank you.
If you’re familiar with the issues of multires you may understand why I’m so excited.
Because if the base mesh is ~500-2000 faces, we can go up to 25M - 100M faces, it’s enough I guess LOL
Just some memory installed.

If the RC does no get many users it may be because not every body noes were to get it from, like me

And they didn’t fix such a huge bug. Hear is a video. Btw, awesome work :smiley: good that they fix multisample.
Or i am missing somethink?

Did you file a bug report for it?

nope i was thinking that someone report this because it is quite big one…

I tried duplicating the steps in your video and mine doesn’t seem to crash. You probably should file a bug report to get it figured out though.

Diude it is not about the crash… it is about when you delate output or input. There is no way to Bring it back.

Ah, gotcha.

You can bring them back easily , re-group the nodes inside the initial group and copy/paste the new group.