Blender 2.73 version doesn't work with Windows Pro 8.1

I wanted to try the new 2.73 version using Windows Pro 8.1, when i start Blender it shows prompt command with gray frame on the background and it shutdowns itself without starting the app, i tried launching it using command prompt and it behaves in the same manner. I tried 2.72b version and it works perfectly without problems.

Generated blender.crash.txt in Temp folder contains :

Blender 2.73 (sub 2), Commit date: 2015-01-09 23:04, Hash 79d8617


same here windows 8.1, and the same problem

Are you using the (no install) zip? Are you starting with the blender-app.exe somehow? I get freeze and crash with it. Your symptoms are similar. This is just a guess. 2.72 used the new (blender.exe) launcher too.

Sorry if no help. A bump for the thread if nothing else.