Blender 2.79.1 Dual Render CPU + GPU Render Missing in 2.79b

Hi Guys,
I am wondering why the cool feature Dual CPU+GPU Render from the Version 2.79.1 isn’t available in the 2.79b release?
We had much better render times using the complete Computer and all its resources. Find the attached picture with the render time difference.

This feature would be for us and our Renderfarm a big game changer!

Do you know why the Blender Institute let it now out?
Blender Institute, please add it again, please!


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Blender 2.79b was a bug-fix release. None of the new features that are in master were included in the release build.

We should make petition to get these new features from buildbot to actual 2.79 release: the final. Why? Because otherwise someday there will be the last buildbot-version of 2.79 and then they will switch to compile and package only 2.8. And 2.8 has different hardware requirements etc.

Its not in 2.79b because the letter releases (a, b, c, etc…) are just for bug fixes. They only rarely add new features to those because the stable release is supposed to have the least bugs. New features sometimes add new bugs. The bug fixes in 2.79b should already be in 2.79.1, so unless there is a serious problem with it, you should just continue to use it.

I don’t think a petition to get those features in 2.79 stable is necessary. The current master version is basically that already. Someone could just clone that version right now, and rebrand it 2.79+ or something.

Yeah, the cpu/gpu hybrid rendering and bevel shader alone are worth doing a 2.79+ version.

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