Blender 2.79 is out!

Blender 2.79 is out!:yes:

Here is the link:

I love the OpenCL boost in rendering for AMD cards… Wonder how long before 2.79a 2.79b and 2.79c :wink:

Chances are very slim that there ever will be any 2.79a,b or c.
I read some time back that they want to keep the final build bug free and they would release another RC if needed instead of rushing for the final release and then do bug fix releases.

It’s great that Filmic is included, but the False color option seems to be missing (even though the data file is there in the “Program Files” folder).

Never mind, I see they moved the option!

Not that I bother about that really… But would be a premier. :cool:

They say they will not do an a,b or c release, like, EVERY time. Count on it.

Great release nonetheless!! Can’t wait to play with it!

Can you use the denoising with bake? :open_mouth:

Absolutely agreed !!!

I’m testing the 2.79 but I see those black artifacts around this sphere (a subdivided cube per 3) with smooth shading and when I start the rendering immediately stops…have you the same problems?

Can you use the denoising with bake? :open_mouth:

Not at the present time, dksloane.

@seiyoushimi That’s the normal behavior. 3 Subdivs is just way too low for a subdivided smooth shaded cube. It’s like this in every Renderengine.

I don’t know what the stopped rendering means tho.

Uhm, yes but every version before this, I used to repeat the same process, always the same cube subd3…never seen those artifacts…don’t know, perhaps I never noticed them :slight_smile:

Great ! I love Blender ! Pressed to learn for source code and make a fork :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha! I think I need an holiday…it was a sphere what I used in the past for my testing…oh what a dumb it’s me!! :slight_smile:

Just played around with the that new release and found that rotating in the 3D viewport lags more than 2.78, also when using the display tab and activate the fast nav, particles with objects disappear even if show particles is activated and don’t appear anymore after stopping the fast nav.

Is filmic colormanagement now native to Blender 2.79? Or do I have to replace the colormanagement folder again with the filmic one?

Kinda sucks that GCN 1.0 cards are no longer supported

but I guess I’m in the minority.

Actually it’s probably the other way around and the chances are higher than normal. When they did the 2.5x release because it took some time to come out they put out bug fix releases of 2.49 to make sure the community had a super stable release to use. 2.8 will take some time before it becomes stable for production use so there could be 2.79b, c, release to make sure that again we have a super stable version that people can use for production.

Benji_3d: It’s native now.