Blender 2.79 vs 2.8 Viewport render time stats?

Hey guys,

anyone know where I can see the render times for the viewport like in 2.79?

To screenshots to compare what I mean. 2.8 drives me crazy. So much hidden menus and removed features. No need to remove this stuff. But someone thought it’s a good idea?

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Also what is up with render times in 2.8?
The scene in 2.79 takes 2.89 seconds to render. Same file opened in Blender 2.8 it takes 6 seconds.

Blender 2.79

Blender 2.8

There is a visual difference. Either the normal gets to be calculated differently or the AO is stronger in 2.79. Any idea whats happening here?

I really don’t get the hype about 2.8. I only see regression instead of improvement and it’s beyond me why Blender is hyped so much. I opened a few threads already cause I constantly have to search for hidden away menus or stuff not working properly anymore. It’s completely unusable for production imho


It was just removed from header as a button to let space for new stuff.
But it is still present in View menu.

EEVEE is made for recent and future hardware.
If your graphic card is not powerful or well recognized, render times can be bad compared to BI or Cycles.
If EEVEE has no problem with hardware, it should be a lot faster than BI or Cycles.
But you should be able to decrease rendertime by decreasing amount of samples.

AO is supposed to be more subtle. By default viewport uses less samples but render a lot more.
You have settings to adjust its strength, it should not be a problem to obtain what you want.
That’s a different renderer.

Except Game Engine, Blender Internal and Dupliframes, features have not been removed.
A few are missing for baking. Some are not working well. But almost everything is working.

You have to learn where has been moved known stuff. That is normal that you don’t feel productive.
You may be annoyed by not working features that you aware about and newbies are ignoring.
They will gradually be solved in future releases. But that will take time.
You can stay on 2.79 if you prefer during this period.

But 2.8 hype is not difficult to understand :
_ UI changes that are making Blender less frightening for people used to other software and complete newbies.
_ Grease Pencil Objects
And now, new sculpt mode.

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I am using Cycles in the screenshot not EEVEE and I have a 1080ti. Maybe I should have mentioned that. So Cycles is slower in 2.8. 3x slower.
Since I open the 2.79 file in 2.8 there should be no difference in render settings to slow it down.

Also I was looking for the viewport part where it tells you the seconds it rendered.
Where it says “Camera Perspective” “(1) Collection etc” “Rendering Done”
in 2.79 there is a header that shows Time, Memory usage etc.
How can I get that back?

The way, AO shader works in Cycles was changed.
Or maybe, it is related to filmic being default for color management.

Useful but removed. They probably tried to gain space.
I think that somebody already complained on devtalk.
We could expect Time/Mem peak values visible instead of Rendering done message.

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