Blender 2.8 Autosave all still renders?


Is there a way to autosave all still renders I do in every project i do in Blender 2.8?

In 2.79 I think I had two adding that did the trick. They where called:

Non of them work in 2.8. Any other solution you guys can share or build?
I like to have all my renders autosaved to a place instead of med have to remember to save them manually every time.

If you connect file output node (in the compositor) as seen below, it saves the render to the designated folder when hit F12:

If you’re looking for “batch rendering” solutions, check this:

Thank you. I have tried them before and both of them sort of work. But the problem is that both of them overwrite the render that got rendered last. Is there a way to make them automatically name every render 001, 002, 003 and so on? Never overwrite!

Hmm, I never thought that this could be an issue but seems like it is.

There is an overwrite checkbox in the Scene Tab > Output section but seems like disabling it doesn’t work as intented. Also for some reason this output section has no connection/relation with the file output node in compositor.


I also found out that there 2 related question on stack exchange which is not solved properly, so we can conclude that’s an actual issue:

If noone responses here in the following days, consider explaining the issue to the developers at
or report it as a bug (Inside Blender, click Help > Report a Bug)

Yes. I have tested the overwrite-checkbox with no luck as well. I hope there is a solution or else I will report it as a bug.