Blender 2.8 Bake Amazing Normal Maps & Add Textures With Cage Free Resource Pack Download

Blender 2.8 Bake Amazing Normal Maps & Add Textures With Cage Free Resource Pack Download

In this tutorial, you will learn how to take a mesh with millions of polygons and transfer all the detail on to a Low-poly mesh with a couple of thousand polygons. You will then learn how to add a texture and mix a normal and texture map together.

We will be using a cage to accomplish this and as always this tutorial is beginner-friendly and a great introduction to baking maps in Blender 2.8.

Thanks all for checking it out :camera:

Link to YouTube Video:

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This tutorial is anything but beginner-friendly. It’s just a stream of information that is either entirely wrong, or (at best) fringe advice that shouldn’t ever be provided without sufficient explanation and justification. Especially to beginners.

Hi Stan, of course, you’re entitled to your own opinion, but I do not feel it was necessary for you to copy paste this into the comments here as well as on YouTube. The content I produce for YouTube is free, and the quality is continuously improving even though I am not deriving any benefit from it. Personally, I refrain from flaming in the comments of people who upload free content for me to use and enjoy. But I guess that’s just the decent thing to do.

Give me a break. There are advertisements on your video. There’s “become a patron”, the “referral” links to Skillshare, links to online stores. “Deriving no benefit”. Sure.

There’s a difference between opinion and fact. Here are some facts:

The normal map you’re teaching to produce isn’t amazing at all. Normal maps are used to represent surface detail. You make no mention of this fact. You’re transferring large displacement differences - a misuse of normal map - hence teaching people exactly the wrong thing.

You’re smooth-shading the whole object which would always produce a warped normal map if you’re not doing a planar bake. You make no mention of this fact.

You’re using a cage without explaining why, thus leaving the impression that that is just something you do. It’s not.

You’re mixing normal maps using the mix node, something you shouldn’t ever do, or teach to do. Normal maps contain vectors, and should be treated accordingly.

You advertise your tutorial as

  • bake amazing normal maps
  • beginner-friendly

Yet you’re showing how to make a horrible normal map, and are providing beginners with bad advice.

If you want to talk about decent things to do, then you can start by not teaching that 2*2 is 5, and by not pretending to not trying to squeeze personal benefit out of that. Or, if you want to try and think of it this way: your “selfless” intentions have lead to 1.8 thousand people learning entirely inaccurate information. Not satisfied with that, half a year later, you’re trying to promote that information even more by creating this topic. How very noble of you.

And wow, you’ve even hidden my comment under that video :rofl:

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