Blender 2.8 Benchmark - NVIDIA Game Ready vs Studio Drivers (CUDA and OPTIX) Tested

I have seen, here and there, some people saying that the NVIDIA studio drivers are faster than the game ready drivers. I had tested my 1080ti cards last year when they came out and found negligible differences between them. I retested them today with my 2080Super both OPTIX and CUDA and on my 1080tis CUDA. My end results are in the spreadsheet below. Really the most notable and logical thing is, when running CUDA or OPTIX or either driver, the results are going to be slower if you have the card running any monitors at the same time. It’s noted in the spreadsheet which 1080ti was not running a monitor. I ran every iteration of the benchmark 3 times and averaged the times so that there was no doubt the numbers were on point. OPTIX rendering crushes CUDA and incidentally is faster on the game ready drivers than the studio drivers. Cheers!