Blender 2.8 cell fracture physics

Hello! I’m pretty new to the site, but I’ve been doing blender for a while now, and I had a question that I could not find answered.

Ok so I’m trying to make an simulation where I have a cell fractured cone and a torus is falling through it, barely not fitting, and having the cone break apart. The issue for me is that the bounding box for the torus is a closed of cylinder (at least on my end) and so the cone will break apart before the torus even touches it. any ideas?

did doyu try set collision shape to mesh for torus?

cone falling through torus.blend (1.5 MB)

Yes, I did, for everything in the simulation even, but is still would stop at the bounding box. Edit: lol just looked at the file (got busy) and holy cow that was cool, thanks!!

so the blend file which uploaded doesnt work too?
what blender version do you use?

and best would be if you join blender discord channel so you can ask people live about such problems…

No no, what you sent me worked, so I assume there was something wrong with the file, maybe I messed something up. also I will take you up on that advice.