Blender 2.8+ - Collections - An epiphany

Epiphany : an experience of sudden and striking realization.

The subject?.. Collections.

OMG! So much frustration is about to disappear.

I make videos, using recurring characters ( I’ve got 10 or 15 “actors” in my stable of stars ), and recurring sets (buildings, furniture, light fixtures, etc.)

This gonna be sooooooo helpful!

****************** UNLESS !! *************************

Any horror stories?? Anybody got any advice??

Hi, I have no idea what you are talking about and Google translate does not make it more clear to me. :man_shrugging:

Cheers, mib

Well… glad I was able to entertain you.


He’s saying that he has finally started using collections to organize his scenes, and he’s wondering if anyone has advice concerning them.

No, they rock and come highly recommended!

Things I use collections for:

  • Organizing different scene elements to toggle on an off quickly
  • Making quick selection groups
  • Different lighting schemes (toggle on an off quickly)
  • Particle systems
  • Line Art control
  • Applying different collection filters for rendering or selection rules

There’s plenty more, but those came to mind quickly.

Horror stories?? Well… about the worst I’ve ever experienced is when you delete a collection you usually want everything in the collection to go with it right? The default “delete” just removes the collection and dumps all the elements of the collection back out into the main scene collection. Just a nuisance especially if you don’t notice until later and have to go round them up again. Delete hierarchy gets the collection and all the objects.

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Collections are not actually groups or folders. They are like a tag based categorization system you’d see in a wordpress blog. A single object can be a member of infinite different Collections.

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I’d find it annoying if deleting the collection deleted everything in it. They maybe can rename the delete and delete hierarchy commands to better reflect what they do, but the delete command shouldn’t get rid of all the objects in the collection by default because objects can be members of multiple collections.

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You’re right! I learned something new, thanks.
Now I kinda think the UX for collections is confusing which lead to my initial understanding. If you hit M to move an object to a collection, it can only move to one collection (shift-M allows a move-link but a modifier key indicates a secondary action) and the collections menu drag-and-drop is a one item to a collection action and modifiers don’t seem to change this.The collections dropdown on the object properties tab is probably the best spot to get the ability to add it to more than one collection.

There may be other ways to move into multiple collections, but since the surface evident ones behave in an exclusive manner it’s pretty easy to see it as a one object per collection limit if left to one’s own exploration. Thanks again, for the info!

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