Blender 2.8 - composite output render - how?


What is the correct way of rendering out your composite? All I found was solutions for 2.7x, and they don’t work in 2.8.
In the Image Editor or UV Viewer there’s no way to select a Viewer node to see the endresult and save it.

And why isn’t there just a proper render button on an output node? :wink:


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In the UV image editor you should be able to select output type = render / preview. Select Preview and press f3 or save (just guessing that these haven’t changed)

Were you opening Blender or MsPaint?

Yes, that was what I was finding in my online searches, but I couldn’t find it in the UV/Image Editor.
In the end (frustratingly so), it was found at the bottom of a long list of textures :frowning:

@yassiramry: Don’t quit your day job, the jokes aren’t good enough yet…

Still think this workflow of saving out a composite is not well thought out. And I’m being kind here. :wink:



Oh yeah, sure. Not well thought. :wink:

OK… Explain me this…

  • How can I just render a composite - without- pressing F12 and have the bloody scene rendered again?
    F3 as stated on the various webposts doesn’t wortk anymore in 2.8, as you get a popup search bar.
    Especially when I’m compositing with existing images, and not the view layers, I just want to render the File Output node. In a sequence or a single file.
  • How can I easily set up multiple Output files, and have different frame ranges for each?
  • How can I easily render all file node outputs in one go?
  • How can I avoid the roundtrip from the compositor to the Uv?Image Editor?

If you have ever used Fusion or Nuke for compositing before, the way Blender handles it’s outputs could be better in ways of workflow and UI.
For now it’s confusing for new users, and the amount of posts on this on the web dating back way way ago could be a sign something could be better.

I do like Blender, but some parts of the workflow are raising my blood pressure at times… :wink:


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