Blender 2.8 considerations after 2 months of testing

Do you mean the ctrl + tab and how all modes are direct in the cursor range ? Dunno, man, I love that…

Still, am rewiring my brain as I go, lol, as I was used in Blender to use that shortcut for work in edges , vertices or faces. It slowed down the procces. Wings3D has since very long the capability to work in all 3 in a single mode. It seems in 2.8, u now click on the 3 tiny icons on the top left, and prob solved. This is extremely fast, and really well implemented in Blender (liking better than the single mode in Wings…What’s wrong with me…).

I am noticing that together with all above I mentioned, using also this single mode, and that I was not using trackball viewport rotation, but turntable(works worse for my organic modeling) , also setting auto-perspective and auto depth ON is making miracles, it seems, combined it all with the fact that as always ctrl v, ctrl f, ctrl e gives u all the operations u need for fast modeling, rmb ctrl to fast do the point modeling, and combined with the old sweetness of g,s,e, I am noticing that 1) 2.8 , in my personal opinion, much better for modeling than 2.79. 2) I might start modeling almost indistinctly with Wings3D or Blender, which can only rock. Starting to get very confy in the low cage modeling with it now. 3) I loved a fast session yesterday with sculpting. So… the wowness keeps going… I’ve worked a ton with Max, a little with Maya and XSI… I shouldn’t be this easily impressed, lol… xD

I don’t like it, changing from texture paint to edit mode is slow, really slow, and blender is suppose to be customizable and that can not be customizable, try to change from Texture paint to edit mode, you have to invoke the Pie menú 2 times

Are we using the same build ? (version: 2.80 (sub 47), branch: master ) I think I downloaded yesterday ( first moments with 2.8, actually), but not a nightly build. The oficial main beta.

I hit ctrl tab 9, or ctrl tab 6, etc. I it goes in a single step. Even clicking the in-context menu goes in one go. But found less glitchy moments (none) if doing directly with keys.

I’m not all the time switching modes, meaning, hadn’t have projects forcing me to do so…That may be it, too.

EDIT : Ouch, seems I had already that direct click + drag functionality by setting select (keep pressed the icon to select the other one, leave it so) the standard select icon, not box select. You can click-move directly stuff with it, too. Well, no biggy, now I have it and transform acting as I want to.

EDIT 2 : Just tested texture paint… I keep wowing. Dunno, might be that’s been a while since I painted with it (I work currently more as an illustrator) , but I am seeing a fabulous response to brushes in the 3D window, much better than before (no lag, no spacing dots, good color picking, no gamma changed, good painterly feel). So, so far loving : modeling, sculpting, texture painting. Still to check anim and rigging, that for another day, lol. :smiley: Good work, blender devs !

I also agree that the current behaviour of these (selection and transform) tools is pretty annoying.

btw, I posted a suggestion about that on RightClickSelect: