Blender 2.8 crashes and wan't runnig at all any help ?

Hi Blender community , I just have a little problem which I want to solve it , I use Blender 2.78c version with no problems , but when i want to run the blender 2.8 version it crash.
Hi Blender Community , I’m using Blender 2.78c Version with no problem but I just want to know why bLender 2.80 crash for me .

This is my Pc Build :
CPU : AMD RYZEN 1600 3.2Ghz (6cores/12threads)
RAM : Avexir Blitz 1.1 kit 4Gb (x2) = 8Gb
GPU : N/A Nvidia N210 2gb for (display)
Sys : Windows 10 64 bit

this is the video descreption for that :

Hi, it seams your N210 is to old, it support OpenGL 3.1 but Blender 2.8 need 3.3 minimum.
Would be interesting to see the error message from command shell.

Cheers, mib

Yes, according to specifications is OpenGL 3.1. But Brecht commented in some report that spec info is not updated. According to this:

GeForce 210 is compatible with OpenGL 3.3. I’m not sure it’s N210 anyway (Does that “N” manufacturer’s model?)

I recommend downloading the latest legacy driver available for your card on nvidia web site (do not use drivers that install windows), and try with latest 2.8 builds because some modifications have been made regarding better recognition of OpenGL version supported in the system.

I’m not sure why you compare Blender 2.78c with 2.8. Do you know that Blender 2.8 is in a very early stage of development and should not be used for production?. Just in case, you read warning message from where you download Blender 2.8 regarding not use/save production scenes with Blender 2.8