Blender 2.8 crashes opening a 2.79 file

So I’ve been playing around with 2.8 and wanted to open an existing scene I’ve been working on in 2.79 (I saved a copy just in case 2.8 messed it up). 2.8 starts up just fine and I can build in it, but when I try to open the 2.79 file it immediately crashes. I do have a linked character with an armature which I have not tried removing yet.

Any ideas why 2.8 crashes?

Is “Load UI” disabled? I’ve had crashes when trying to append some stuff, but not when loading the whole thing. Other than a few days ago when everything would crash when I rendered - was fixed in the next build.


I will give that a try as well.

I did remove the linked character and it opened just fine this time. Maybe there is something with the character model that has an issue.

This is a major source of crashes and malfunctioning in blender.
I made a request for this thing to come disabled by default, but it seems like they don’t care. :man_facepalming:

Yup, they don’t care, since UI is saved in the .blend file and is useful for those who customize the UI. The real bug is that files loaded in 2.8 coming from the 2.7x and older files, UI itself should be ignored and only compatible settings should be loaded. Is a sure bet devs will do a fix that when they start to work on the versioning of the blend files.

Untick load UI.

why this is on by default, I don’t understand but it’s a major cause for most of the crashes

For Blender 2.6x and Blender 2.7x at least, Load UI shouldn’t have caused a lot of problems because the UI itself had only minor changes.

However, the UI changes in 2.8 are extensive and deep, I do agree that it should act as if it’s disabled for all 2.7x files being loaded into 2.8.

Yeah I had the same problem, I’m curious though, what is “load UI”?

“Load UI” is an option to load the User Interface settings that was used at the time the file was saved. This includes window arrangement, mode, matcaps, wireframes, etc. Disabling this option will keep the UI that you had before opening the file. (This is not a new setting by the way…)

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So why does it make 2.8 crash I wonder, seems like it wouldn’t be the heaviest part of a file?

Thanks for answering btw green, I like to learn these things.

Presumably because 2.8 uses a different API (which is also the reason why it’s not really backwards-compatible). If I understand correctly this means that 2.8 can’t properly communicate with 2.79 and earlier versions, so loading a 2.79 file in 2.8 will likely break some things and loading a 2.8 file in 2.79 is impossible.
And the big UI changes make this even worse, so when you try to load the 2.79 UI in 2.8, it will crash, because of the ammount of changes that were made.

Ah ok makes sense, the UI is completely different. You think they’re planning on fixing this or should I keep 2.79 on my computer for the old files?

I mean, there’s no harm in keeping 2.79 - it’s a single folder under 300mb. I don’t know wether they are planning to fix this, because i don’t know wether they can fix this, but I don’t really expect it. I for one am going to keep using 2.79 until 2.8 has the first RC, and i am likely going to keep 2.79 for old files and files that I started working on in 2.79 and will complete in 2.79.

Yesterday my PC suspended itself after rendering my model and my PC monitor went black,blank screen.